We are focused on the long-term success of our clients

Investor Relations & Corporate Access

We help senior management teams plan, develop and execute targeted investor relations strategies that clearly articulate strategic goals, market opportunities and growth plans through an appropriate and balanced mix of communication tactics. We ensure our clients’ stories are delivered to investors and the public in a timely and effective manner to help make an impact, support valuations and aid corporate decisions and actions. 





Positioning and Strategy
A proper messaging strategy can not only build relationships with the right investors, but also prompt a reasonable valuation of your company. With our deep understanding of the current market, we help clients formulate a precise market positioning platform, as well as strategies that set them up for success. 


Share Price Analysis

Using both fundamental and technical methods, we develop comprehensive analyses of companies’ share prices. This research helps our clients clearly understand how they have performed at a given price level in the past, whether the current prices fully reflect the company’s true value and predictions for future stock price activity.


Corporate Access

To better connect our clients with quality investor meetings, we customize and coordinate roadshows, corporate days, field trips and various other activities that provide company representatives a chance to engage with potential investors. Our targeted and detail-oriented approach has helped facilitate countless opportunities for exchange and relationship-building.


Stock Connect Strategy

Joining the Hong Kong Stock Connect is an important stepping stone for Hong Kong-listed companies looking to grow their reputation and attract southbound investment, and we aim to be a strategic partner for our clients as they work to pursue this goal. By closely monitoring related indicators and providing guidance surrounding the necessary requirements, we are committed to helping companies successfully join the Stock Connect program, and thus create opportunities for additional funding.





Consumer/ Retail
Real Estate

Fund Research

Our buy-side experts produce profound insights about the market and its decision makers. By conducting professional fund research, we help companies target the right investors who can make an impact on their capitalizations, all the while working to optimize shareholder structures and improve market valuation and liquidity.





Shareholder Intelligence and Analysis
Every company’s ideal shareholder structure is unique. Through professional analysis, we identify our clients’ current shareholders, discover weaknesses in their shareholder structure and propose tailor-made strategies for restructuring in a way that can unleash their true potential.


Investor Targeting

Investor targeting reduces the time needed to reach the right investors. Through in-depth research into a company’s market value, liquidity, shareholder structure and preferences, we match our clients with their ideal investors, eliminating wasted effort. This strategic method of identifying and quickly reaching out to compatible potential investors can help maximize shareholder value through proactive engagement.


Global Investor Network

Leveraging our broad experience in both buy-side and sell-side, we provide clients with unrivalled access to global investors. Our coverage spans across Asia, North America and Europe. 

Financial Communications

Including earnings announcements, public events, promotional campaigns and crisis scenarios, we provide insights on full range of financial situations that require a strategic approach to communication. ICA exists as an interconnection among the financial, media and public worlds, and it is our goal to assist clients as they build a healthy, long-term reputation in today’s increasingly-competitive market atmosphere.





Earnings and Corporate Disclosure Support
Transparent and timely disclosure helps raise awareness and enhance credibility in the capital market. We help clients tailor their investment stories and ensure every stakeholder maintains a transparent view of all relevant financial activities.


Media Relations

Strong relationships with the media are central to any financial communications strategy. With established, long-term close relationships with journalists, editors and commentators in the financial sector, we are well-positioned to help our clients convey key messages to their target audiences through the channels that best optimize stakeholders’ perceptions.


Event Management

We help clients build direct connections with key stakeholders through various kinds of events. To broaden clients’ networks and spread key messages, we assist in planning, organizing and coordinating presentations, press conferences, annual general meetings, roadshows and more.


Issues & Crisis Management

In today’s fast-paced, Internet-driven environment, challenges can appear from anywhere. To ward off potential threats, we work with clients to identify risks, navigate sensitive issues and build warning systems. Additionally, by establishing a forward-thinking response plan, we help companies react to urgent situations in a timely and appropriate manner, helping mitigate or even prevent negative reputational impact.